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Water Based Pomade

Water Based Pomade

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This Unorthodox Water Base Pomade will have you looking slick and sleek in no time without the "crusties" associated with typical gels or water based products.

An Unorthodox Pomade is an oil-based pomade in a water suspension that has conditioning properties to give you healthy looking hair with a medium shine, and the flexibility to restyle anytime with just your comb.

Comes in a mellow Vanilla/Sandalwood scent. Made with All Natural ingredients, it contains no Petroleum. Ingredients include Bees Wax and Lanolin (for hold, flexibility, and shine), natural oils and butters (for conditioning), and an essential oil blend.

*Note: Unorthodox Pomades will wash out easier than pure oil based; natural soaps work best. Some of the product may not wash out of the hair, this is normal and desirable for the conditioning properties of the product.

***ALLERGY ALERT*** Wool allergies may be triggered by the use of Lanolin, always test product before use, if reaction occurs, discontinue use.


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