How to Order

There are a few ways for you to get in on the hot buys!

  1. Come on in store and grab whatever you need - this option comes with smiles, humor and usually a dirty joke or 2
  2. Order online and have your order shipped to you - orders under $50 have a $20 shipping charge. Orders over $50 are free shipping!
  3. Order online and have your order delivered - we can only offer free delivery within Sylvan Lake and Red Deer. We don't really like driving 8 hours to deliver a tank top. So we have to actually put a limit on this (or so I'm told).
  4. Order online and pick it up in store - this option still comes with the smiles, humor and a dirty joke or 2.

Remember, there are a few things in store that are just not on our website. The big stuff, the leather jackets, boots, etc. If we put it on the website then we run into a big deal if it's someone needing shipping.

So remember, without coming in you could be missing out!