***UPDATE: I decided to close my store front in October 2022. This was the hardest decision I've made business wise to date. It crushed me. But I'm not going anywhere! I'm still online and doing markets, with hopes of opening a store front again come spring in a different town. I love my customers here in Sylvan Lake, but I had to do what was best for the store. If I had stayed open my prices would have had to go way up. This way I can keep bringing you the quality products you love at an affordable price!***

We originally began this journey in 2012 from our home. We loved it, but we decided to concentrate our efforts on our family (5 kids) and our safety company.

In the summer of 2019, we decided that the family is going strong and growing up, the safety company is more self sufficient, and that we wanted to do something new. Instead of new, we went back to fun! So we decided to bring back Redneck Wear n Tear and make it bigger and better than ever!

We felt that Sylvan Lake and the surrounding area needed a physical store front that carried our type of clothing. What type is that you ask? ATTITUDE! We've been told that we have an attitude, and that's what we like to wear! Its what we see others wear on a daily basis, but its always so expensive or hard to find in other sizes. Enter Redneck Wear n Tear!

We cater to every walk of life and every age. From young to old, from bikers to cowboys, from stay at home mom's to career minded family folk. We have something for everyone!

Purses, wallets, hats, clothes, beard and shaving products, home decor, gifts, body jewelry and more! We are constantly bringing in new products to keep everything fresh and new.  We usually only carry 1 or 2 per size per design, then change it up on the next order. So if you see something you like, get it while you can!

If you are looking for something that we don't have or haven't brought in, just ask! We are constantly looking for new ideas. Whether it be a clothing line or a bike part, we are always searching!

We hope to bring our passion to others, and that passion is being ourselves! We don't conform to what others THINK we should be, we are who and what we want to be. When you first walk into the store, what you see is us in a nutshell. We welcome you into our store and into our lives.

Our family now consists of us plus 5 kids, some of whom you've seen when you come into the store. We are very family oriented and welcome everyone to swing by, see what's new in the store, and see what we're up to!

Welcome Rednecks!

Love Bruce & Cynthia & Family